Reinventing collaboration in banking

Bringing together the best solutions to simplify banking processes

Accelerating innovation

BiBox is a platform economy that enables your systems and those of third parties (e.g. fintech) to talk to each other in a secure cloud environment. We provide efficient workflows that can be reused to standardise common processes and reduce duplication. You can achieve significant cost savings through the use of BiBox's shared solutions.

Enhance your customers’ experience

Increase revenues

Cut costs and technical debt

Simplify and future-proof
your architecture

Faster time to market

Stay ahead of regulatory
changes, e.g. MiFID II

BiBox is working with a number of banks to develop creative solutions for their specific business challenges.

Here are some examples:


time to onboard

The Challenge

A bank wants to reduce the time it takes to onboard a corporate client from a current average of 8-10 months and they have hired three fintech companies to develop a solution. The problem is that, on average, major banks can take more than 18 months to onboard a fintech, without any guarantee that it can be successfully deployed and integrated.

The Solution

BiBox’s platform will enable the successful deployment and orchestration of these fintechs into a live environment. Our workflow and innovative approach will take the time to market for onboarding clients from months to days and reduce associated risk and costs.

Increasing revenue

The Challenge

A bank wants to increase revenues by deepening wallet share of their existing client base and identifying more distribution channels across business lines. For example, introducing FX products to high-net-worth (HNW) clients or invoice factoring to private banking clients who own a business.

The Solution

BiBox is creating seamless cross-selling opportunities between business lines. This will involve integration and alignment of product catalogues, client and risk policies. Additonally, we will automate Know Your Risk (KYR) and Know Your Product (KYP) capabilities to enhance compliance.

Automating manual processes

The Challenge

Linking regulatory certification for staff to products and capital limits within allowed jurisdictions is currently a manual and inefficient process.

The Solution

BiBox is looking to align the internal certification and activity processes to reduce risk, costs, downtime for front office staff and streamline audit, compliance and regulatory reporting.


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